Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Chess Digest ( Vol 1 Issue 1/FEB 16-22,2016)


Tehran Woman Grand Prix 2016

In one of the strongest tournaments organized in Iran, the FIDE Women's Grand Prix which started in Tehran on 11th Feb,2016,  GM Ju Wenjun of China and IM Khademalsharieh, Sarasadat of Iran lead with 7/10 points after the penultimate round.The tournament has been full of surprises and entertaining games!

Deja Vu For Hikaru, Champion In Zurich

The Fifth Annual Zurich Chess Challenge was back at the Hotel Savoy Baur en Ville, one of the grander sites for chess.GM Hikaru Nakamura won the opening blitz event.The main event that followed saw GM Viswanathan Anand taking an early lead but he was joined shortly by Nakamura who went on to win the Title because of better tie-break against Vishy.

Gata Kamsky tops Cappelle la Grande Open 2016

The Open International D’Echecs Cappelle La Grande 2016 took place on February 13-20, in France.The event was a 9-round Swiss open with the participation of 538 players.GM Gata Kamsky emerged a solo winner with 7.5/9 points.The best female player was IM Deimante Daulyte who scored 6.5 points.

"Die Zeit" interviews Magnus Carlsen

Ulrich Stock of the "Die Zeit", one of the most prestigious German weeklies, spoke to  Carlsen about the Candidates, Chess and Islam, and how he motivates himself.
Full Interview-http://www.zeit.de/sport/2016-02/magnus-carlsen-chess-world-champion

14th International Open Nancy 2016

The 14th International Open Tournament 2016 took place from February 17-21, in Nancy, France.The Masters event is a singe round-robin tournament with the top seeds allowing no one else to make it to the podium. GM Alexander Donchenko (7pts),GM Alexander Fier(6pts) and IM Bailet Pierre(6pts) walked away with the top three positions in the 9-round tournament.

Graz Chess Festival 2016

The 2016 International Chess Open Graz 2016 took from February 12-19, at Hotel Novapark in Graz, Austria.The event was separated into four different tournaments.The winner of the a 9-round Swiss Open A is Chinese GM Li Chao.

In Memoriam – Sevan Muradian

Our dear friend Sevan Muradian passed away on 18th February 2016 at the age of 41.As a well known International Arbiter and International Organizer, Sevan was the driving force of chess development and promotion in the greater Chicago area.

GM Onischuk wins 3rd Blitz Tournament Memory of “Nebesna sotnya”

The 3rd International Blitz Chess Tournament Memory of “Nebesna sotnya” took place on 19th February 2016, in Lutsk, Ukraine.The tournament winner is GM Vladimir Onischuk from Ukraine, who scored 17.5/22 points in competition of 181 players.



Soumya Swaminathan played excellently in the Women's Cup in Moscow gaining 35 Elo points and finishing second.


 Garry Kasparov delivered an interactive talk to entrepreneurs at the Regional Interaction Event, Zinda Dilli 2016, organised by Entrepreneurs' Organization.
Full interview--http://chessbase.in/news/kasparov-in-delhi/

VIDEOS THIS WEEK(you can watch these  on youtube)

NM Heisman's "Improve Your Chess" at Chessclub.com - 2016-02-13

Maurice Ashley: trash talk chess in NYC park

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